The way to Set Up Linksys Wi-fi Print Server WPS54G and WPSM54G

Linksys WPS54G and WPSM54G

WPS54G/WPSM54G is a tool related to the primary server ( router ) and printer. It accepts the print jobs from all of the computer systems within the community and sends it to acceptable printer. Let’s take an instance. You will have 4 – 5 computer systems within the community and one printer. You need all of the computer systems to make use of the identical printer. Now on this case you should use a print server.

All of your computer systems will likely be related to at least one predominant server like router. Print server may also be related to the router. Printer will likely be related to the WPS. Now all your computer systems will ship the print job to the print server by means of the router after which to the printer. That is how one can print utilizing WPS54G or WPSMG.

These are the wi-fi print server. If you wish to use them within the community then it is best to have wi-fi router additionally. Just be sure you have all of the wi-fi settings of the router. You will have the title of the wi-fi community ( SSID ), the wi-fi channel, the kind of wi-fi safety and the wi-fi community key or password. If you do not know these settings then open the arrange web page of the router and test the wi-fi settings.

The way to join the WPS54G/WPSM54G to the wi-fi community?

For the preliminary arrange, join the WPS to one of many Ethernet port on the router with the cable. Just be sure you will see Ethernet gentle each on router and WPS. Join the printer with the USB cable. These gadgets shouldn’t have any default IP handle. They get their IP handle from the router. Verify the IP handle of the router. There are 2 methods to test the IP handle of the WPS.

There’s a small reset button on the again facet of the WPS. Press it and maintain it for five seconds. You’ll get a print out. On that print out you will discover the IP handle of the WPS.

Run the CD that comes with the print server. On the 4th or fifth step it should seek for the print server and will provide you with the IP handle of the WPS. Observe it down and exit the arrange.

Upon getting the IP handle of the print server, use that IP handle to open the arrange web page. On the arrange web page you will discover the wi-fi settings. Change the wi-fi settings in keeping with the settings of your wi-fi router. Save the settings. Now disconnect the cable between the WPS and the router. Unplug the ability to the print server and plug it again in. Anticipate a minute until the wi-fi gentle will lit up on the print server. Now attempt to ping the print server IP handle out of your pc. In the event you get the replies, it’s all arrange and speaking with the router.

The way to arrange pc to print utilizing WPS?

Your Print server and router are speaking with one another. Now you must arrange your pc to print utilizing the WPS. In your pc you will have so as to add the brand new printer port. Use the usual TCP / IP port for the IP handle of the WPS. Go to the printer properties and add the printer port.

When you add the brand new port on the printer, your pc will have the ability to print.

It isn’t troublesome to setup WPS54G and WPSM54G.

three primary steps to setup WPS54G or WPSM54G.

Verify the IP handle.

Join WPS to the wi-fi community

Add the printer port on the pc.

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